All suspension bushes must be in good condition or replaced with our Super Pro urethane type. Once all bushes and torsion bars have been checked or replaced the vehicle can then be setup to the correct heights and corner balances.

Once these things are all done properly the vehicle can be wheel aligned front and rear to be setup to suit your driving style. (ie. Everyday or weekend sprints)

Stage 1

Only after the basic setup is correct can extra suspension components be added. Shock absorbers can be upgraded to Koni or Koni Sport and Bilsteins depending on your driving requirements. Front and rear swaybars should be fitted or upgraded depending on your vehicles age and tyre sizes fitted.

Stage 2

This includes all basic and Stage 1 items however Stage 2 is more for weekend sprints or club racing.

Ride heights are adjusted accordingly, a front strut tower brace and decoupled adjustable front and rear swaybars are fitted. The use of at least 7" and 8" rims with 'R' series tyres is recommended with this setup. After this is complete your 911 is going to have a whole new identity making your driving experience much more enjoyable.

As all of the above recommendations and modifications are mostly of a hands on or skilled nature we do not sell kits as such and recommend we do all setups in our own workshop. East Coast has over 29 years experience in Porsche 911 chassis tuning for both road and race vehicles.

Stage 3

This stage of chassis setup is custom made to order for racing and Porsche Cup use only with each vehicle treated as a 'one off' project.


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