Post 1990 Porsche Basic Suspension Improvements




Basic Suspension Improvements

All suspension bushes must be in good condition or replaced with our Super Pro urethane type. Once all bushes and swaybar bushes have been checked or replaced the vehicle can then be setup to the correct heights and corner balanced.

Once these things are all done properly the vehicle can be wheel aligned front and rear to be setup to suit your driving style. (ie. Everyday or weekend sprints)

Stage 1

Only after the basic setup is correct can extra suspension components be added. H&R spring kit along with either Koni Sport or Bilstein shockabsorbers depending on your driving requirements.

Stage 2

This includes all basic and Stage 1 items however Stage 2 is more for weekend sprints or club racing.

We recommend a KW Variant 3 suspension program, this provides adjustable height and also shockabsorber 'bump & rebound' adjustments (independant of each other). This allows total tuning for the road or track. Adjustable front and rear swaybars can be fitted and the use of 8 and 10" rims with 'R' series tyres is recommended. Finally, corner weights and wheel alignments are adjusted to suit your driving requirements.

Stage 3

This stage of chassis setup is custom made to order for racing and Porsche Cup use only with each vehicle treated as 'one off' project. A 'KW race program system' can be custom ordered from the factory.


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