Mobil 1 Log Book Servicing

Service Recommendations
Today with our busy and modern lifestyles, many of us have difficulty finding time to check our own motor vehicle. Even finding time to wash and polish it is difficult, hence the mobile car detailing businesses now present.

As your motor vehicle is usually one of your most expensive investments, it should be kept reliable if you want it to save you time and money. Therefore you have to have some sort of servicing and maintenance schedule.

Our recommendations are:
A) Vehicles travelling less than 15,000 kms per year should be serviced every 5,000 kms.
B) Vehicles travelling in excess of 20,000 kms per year should be serviced every 10,000 kms. 
All vehicles should be serviced with high quality oils and lubricants, this does not happen at all places of service and repair. This is why we at East Coast Suspensions, decided in 1999 to become one of the select group of "Mobil 1 Signature Service Dealers". Many manufacturers such as Holden Special Vehicles now specifically recommend only Mobil 1 products be used in their high performance vehicles.

This is a special service program where we take care of your vehicle using world class Mobil 1 products including engine and gear lubricants, coolants and brake fluid. It is our commitment to service and check your vehicle thoroughly using the correct Mobil 1 products for it.

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