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Then the more serious Porsche Cup racing began with Geoff Morgan’s early RSR Porsche.

This car was an ex Pat Burke car which was entirely rebuilt & developed by

Ian Hamilton - gearbox, engine & drive train,

Ron Goodman - sensational body and paintwork &

David Falson’s - ECS’s redesigned and sorted suspension.

Porsche Cup really began in this era and this car became one of

the most successful Porsche Cup Cars of this time.





Then along came the factory built Porsche racecars.

Geoff Morgan ordered the ‘only RHD’ 964 RSR factory racecar ever made.

ECS applied the knowledge gained on early Porsche’s and sorted the suspension on the 964 RSR to work on our race circuits.

At first it was no match for the old hand built cars, but after some

development it was extremely quick!





This then led to the next generation of Porsche 911’s, the 993 RSCS for GTP Racing.



ECS was again involved with the setup and worked on the Morgan car

while it was successfully driven by John Smith.

Around this time, Mazda MX5’s sports cars were becoming popular and through a

friend’s interest to race a sports car, the first Australian MX5 race car was developed by ECS.

This car proved to be quite competitive with its original 1600 engine,

doing a 1.min 53sec at Eastern Creek Raceway back in 1995.