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Our development with MX5’s has continued, with the ECS sponsored MX5

driven by close friend “Brad Douglass”,

winning the

“Production Sports Car Racing Association Championship” 2006 season

Outright-  in a Class “C’ Car!

Competing against cars like – Porsches, Cobras, Lotus & other Mazda’s etc.

Brad, with the help of ECS, will contest the 2008 Production Sports Car Racing Association

season in a Lotus Elise. 




ECS was also involved in the Mazda Australia ‘Turbo MX5’s’ that competed in Targa Tasmania

(during their development stage with Allan Horsley),

by suppling some of the suspension on one car &

                            setting the cars up prior to the event.                            

In the mid ‘90s ECS again became involved with Porsche racing by

rebuilding a Porsche 911 coupe for Wayne Cooper.

This was a ‘clone’ 964RS with a 3.6 litre engine.

Had late series gearbox and 930 suspension and brakes.

This was a ‘road registered car’ that could do a 1min 42sec at Eastern Creek Raceway

with slick tyres.



ECS supported and developed Wayne’s cars for the Porsche Cup Series.

These cars were always fast and spectacular.


Wayne’s ex Jim Richards RSCS was also campaigned for a season in Porsche Cup.

ECS adopted its development experience from the early RSCS days with the Cooper car,

which during the season was often the fastest RSCS Porsche at the meetings.



Our first Carrera Cup Porsche arrived next in the form of a Porsche 996 2000 model.



This allowed ECS to again develop knowledge on the latest Porsche chassis and assist in the setup of the current Porsche’s like the Kalnin Corporation Porsche GT2 which is setup and maintained by ECS. This car competes in ‘Tarmac events’ such as Targa Tasmania & the Grand Prix Rally annually.



More to come!!!!