Coilover suspension kits are often referred to as coilovers.
Coilover suspension kits are usually dampers (shock absorbers) with adjustable bases "threaded" so the spring base can be adjusted up or down to set the ride height. hence the vehicle can be corner balanced (corner weighted) accurately.
The less expensive forms of coilovers have the spring base adjustable & the attachment foot as well.
This allows the height to be changed at both places & also allows the assembly to be easily changed from car type to car type and allows for less expensive production costs.

At East Coast Suspensions, we recommend & sell Bilstein, H&R, Ohlins & Koni types of coilovers with a fixed lower mounting.

We also have a selected range of lower price coilovers available, starting at $1900 fitted

Quality Coilover Suspension, have the valving adjustment available for both compression and rebound controlled individually (compression being the inward stroke & rebound being the extension stroke).
This feature of the coilover, enables the car to be set up for specific purposes and on different "tracks" or can also be utilised when spring rates are changed on the damper units.

Sydney's Coilover Suspension Kit Specialists

Supply,install & full setup for 'all brands' of coilover suspension for road & motorsport use.

Ohlins, H&R, Bilstein, Koni, BC etc


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