Wheel alignment must be carried out when you fit new tyres, install suspension components or if you hit a curb or large pothole.
Wheel alignment should be checked every 20,000 kilometres, once a year or if you notice uneven tyre wear.  
East Coast Suspensions prefer to carry out a front & rear wheel alignment if the vehicle is unknown or has not been checked recently.
This will ensure the rear wheel alignment is tracking true with the centreline of the front suspension & chassis.
If this is not correct the front wheel alignment can not be done accurately.
All measurements such as camber, caster & toe are checked & adjusted as necessary.
Provided the car has no other suspension issues, the car will steer & wear tyres correctly.

Cars used for Motorsport have their suspension angles set up for a particular purpose.
Spring rates, ride height, roll centre & tyres determine the camber, caster & toe settings for cars used for motorsport.
East Coast Suspensions has Specialised in front and rear wheel alignment & corner balancing (corner weighting) for road, race cars & motorsport for over 30years, on all makes of cars.


Wheel Alignment

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